App Scan


Student Project

Professor Dr.Jalali and Dr.Zare
Lesson Software Project
Start Dec 6, 2018
End Mar 1, 2019
Language Java
IDE Android Studio
Project Features
  • Analysis an app file from saved files on phone
  • View history of analyzes and analyze them again
  • Website Analysis
  • Analysis of installed applications
  • Analysis the app file from the download link
  • Analyze an app files on a Telegram

Iran (57.25%), which was second in our Top 10 in 2016, came first after switching places with Bangladesh. In 2017, more than half of our mobile product users in Iran encountered mobile malware. The most widespread were advertising programs of the Ewind family, as well as Trojans of the Trojan.AndroidOS.Hiddapp family.

The same results made me create a program to reduce these statistics. The app is designed to give the application file an application that is sent to the server and analyzed there, and if the analysis of the program was already ready. The result is displayed immediately, but if not ready, your request will be recorded and you can see the result by visiting the requests section.

The program has different ways. You can send the application through the installer file stored on your phone's memory, or you can send the application through the apps you have installed on the phone or you can give us the link to download it to analyze it. We show you the result. In addition to the program, you can give us a link to the website for analysis, and identify fishing sites.